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Coding Club, RVCE


Using Computer Assisted Education in Teaching Social Sciences

How to optimize your career opportunities through exposure and networking

A biodiesel yielding plants in Bhadravathi town, Karnataka, India

Energy Club, IIT Bombay

Interface Between Globalization And Technology

Social Responsibility and its Effects on Society

Calculation of local solar time, azimuth and meridian altitude of sun, declination and hour angle of sun as observed from the instruments at Man Singh observatory, Varanasi, India

Crime Scene Investigation

Neuroscience and Neuro-inspired Computing

Modeling 3D-spatiotemporal dynamics of hierarchical cell division

CRM Implementation in SME Sector: Case Study of Mobile Usage in India

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A Study on the Behaviour of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with the aid of Markov Chains Theory and Transition Probability Matrices

A Stochastic Process Approach in Modelling the Behaviour of HRV as a Biomarker for Different Cognitive States

A Simulation Model to explore Community Dynamics based on Inner Peace, Perceived Kindness and Actions of Kindness

Social Media makes an Impact on Society

The Power of being a Woman of Faith in Business: What Every Woman Should Know

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Drip Irrigation System: A Tool For Successful High-Density Plantation Model

A Normalization Algorithm to compare Scores from different Sample Size Data derived from Discrete Stochastic Models

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An Optimal Control for a Photovoltaic-Wind-Battery Hybrid Energy System using Fuzzy Logic Control

Smart Supply Chain Management: Overcoming the limitations of Conventional Methods with Industry 4.0 using IOT

A Simulation Model to explore Community Dynamics based on Resources and Quality of Space

An Introduction to The Science of Peace: Individual Coherence and Community Consciousness Development towards Social Harmony

Publishing on Scienchar

A Small Community Spiritual Evolution Stochastic Simulation Model

A Simulation Model to explore Community Dynamics based on Inner Peace, Perceived Kindness, Actions of Kindness, Resources and Quality of Space

Individual Psychophysiological Coherence induced by Meditative States can be compromised in Community Dynamics

Big Data in Industry 4.0

Lean 4.0: A strategic combination of lean management and industry 4.0

A Survey On IOT Based Human Detection Security With Android


Comparative Study of Industry 4.0 Architectures


Machine Health Management in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: A Review on Industrial Automation & Robotics

Autonomous Ball Throwing Machine as a Smart Robot

Survey on Li-Fi Technology and its Application with Industry 4.0

Two Agent Coherent-Stressful Interaction HRV based Simulation Model

Survey on use of Industry 4.0 in Animal Husbandry

Token Based Authentication Algorithm for Secure Data Transmission

Implementation Strategies for I4.0

Depository management and security system

The good peer review process

Reviewers/ Editors Selection Process

Digital Twin- For Better Processes, Improved Performance & Effective Product

Sugar Factory Automation and Optimization

KPG Ethic Policy

Publication Process

Survey Paper On CyberPhysical System In Industry 4.0

Solid State Fermentation of Apple Pomace for Production of Fungal Inulinase using Mucor circinelloides BGPUP-9.