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Publishing on Scienchar

An interactive platform on the latest trends in the field of science
We aim to inspire the community to participate and learn from the rich field of science.

About Us

"A Research Publication Platform for the Digital Age"

Scienchar started with a noble effort to help the researchers in their work and also share knowledge and research ideas. All research interested scholars are given the best opportunity to make the world aware of their work.

Scienchar is a Digital library that helps scientific publishers in publishing the accepted papers, in fully web searchable format without worrying about setting up the digital infrastructure.

Scienchar provides access to published abstracts, full-text papers, bibliographic records, pictures along with downloadable PDF files.

Our Goals

  • We serve scientific publishers and conference organizers from around the world to ensure the latest research is freely available and easily accessible. All scienchar articles are published with an open access commitment.
  • Scienchar's commitment to open access is based on the view that unhindered access to research is essential for the rapid, efficient communication and development of science.
  • Scienchar articles are available freely and universally accessible online, authors retain copyright to their work, and all publications are deposited in various open access and digital archives.
  • There are no access barriers; instead, there is a unique viewing remuneration given to the author as well as to the reader so as to promote research, which is paid from the Scienchar's funds.

Scienchar Partnership

KPG Scienchar maximizes the impact of articles by keeping all papers Open Access, in all web-supported formats.

Benefits to Scienchar Partner

  • Monetary Benefits’ to authors and reviewers, whenever someone appreciates the efforts.
  • High-Speed publication by reducing any unnecessary delays.
  • High quality maintenance of publication.
  • Large subscribers base.


We charge only INR 20 per paper per year.
This includes paper preparation in HTML format and hosting period of 1 year.

Contact Us

For any query, feel free to contact us at