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KPG Ethic Policy

This is a non-peer reviewed Scienchar Post.

  • KPG only accepts and publishes original papers. KPG does not consider any paper if it has been published or submitted in other journals.
  • The authors must appropriately refer to all the relevant work and should take all required permission from the authors of the referred articles.
  • Posting on preprint servers, such as arXiv or bioRxiv, is permitted.
  • The corresponding author must be authorized by all other authors to complete all submission formalities.
  • Authors must disclose all conflict of interest in connection with the manuscript, and acknowledge all funding sources supporting the work.
  • The submitted article should be original and free of fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism.
  • The author must secure required approval from the institutional review board for research involving human and animal participants and clinical trials.
  • Materials and Data Availability. Authors must make materials, data, and associated protocols, including code and scripts, available to readers. We strongly recommend providing maximum information along with the manuscript itself.